Curriculum Vitae



Leonardo Salvatore

Mobile phone: 0039 3472977894



Experience Overview
Senior developer and team leader with more than 15 years of experience in mobile/embedded, desktop and server platforms.
Latest years more focussed on Linux/Android embedded platforms, past more about nokia symbian,microsoft CE, true passion on automation/avionics and mobile game development.6 years international experience UK/USA/Germany for Samsung/Qualcomm/NXP.Co-owner and project manager for 4 year of a small business Microsoft partner company.
Team Leader mobile platform up to 15 developers (Symbian, J2me) with 3 years of experience in messaging/social and game app.



Android/Linux C/C++ and NDK:

System services and drivers developer.

Linux Debian Stretch on iMx6 platform bringup.

Android on Qualcomm Snapdragon driver/services development (java/jni/c++)

Embedded systems Linux Debian and Yocto build and customizations.

AOSP building/flashing/debugging.

Android accessory library.

Involved in official Google source code.

JNI interface development and debugging.

Hardware debugging, I2C,USB,NFC.

User and Kernel area.

Qualcomm and Samsung hardware platforms.


C/C++ Visual Studio (2011/12/13):

Development of systems services, NFC and I2C kernel/user mode drivers for Windows Phone 7/8/8.1 WindowsPhone and CE Platform builder, system designing and advanced kernel/driver debugging/testing. WDF, UMDF2 frameworks.


C# Visual Studio (2011/12/13)

Windows Phone and RT app development.  Two XNA games published.

WPF MVVM, medical applications.

Asp.Net MVC and web services WCF e-commerce server and CRM.

MSSQL based application and reporting services.


Android Java SDK:

Design development and publishing of Google Play products, one app and two games published.

Advanced UI.


Samsung Knox.

JNI,Unity and OpenGL development.


Other skills:

Full Agile, SCRUM, development cicle.

ACPI ASL language development (GPIO/I2C/PowerManagement)

Digital Storage Oscilloscope and logical analyzer HW/SW debugging.

Game frameworks: Libgdx, Unity, XNA.

Basic experience on IOS development, C/C++ porting experience.

Online banking payment services.

I2C/SWP/UICC communication protocol.

TCP/IP low level service based applications.

Source control: P4,GIT,Svn, Team Foundation, CVS, ClearCase

HW platforms: Qualcomm,Arm,Intel,x86/64, virtual platforms, Beagle Boards, Linux Embedded, Motorola (HC11,680XX), ARM (Cortex), MIPS, Arduino.


English: fluent Italian: mother tongue



Mobile and automation/robotic enthusiast.

Arduino,FoxBoard, Beagleboard and others embedded platforms.

Open source WinCE project CodeProject project named: GPS Tracer

Game development

Android Pay and Free game: Moon Apocalypse,SpaceDefense

Two WP7/8 games: SpaceDefense, SNAKE:





Computer Science 5 years diploma, Leonardo Da Vinci, Florence.




02/2016 – Team Leader  at Gilbarco Veeder Root.

Team leader, creating a new platform for company production based on iMx6, Marvell, brand new Yocto/Debian Linux technology. Managing/coaching people.


02/2015 – 02/2016.  Embedded software developer at Gilbarco Veeder Root.

Currently working on Linux ARM embedded system as a software developer.


01/2014 – 01/2015.  Self employer Beegrove Ltd.

Currently working on Knox Customization in Samsung Electronics Research Institute.

Working on Android/Linux projects with London startup and major companies in the mobile/embedded industry.

Tech: Android,C/C++, Linux,Ubuntu,Eclipse, phone/tablet development platforms.

06/2012 – 01/2014  Driver/embedded developer in Qualcomm UK/US for Alten UK


Working as a consultant senior developer and architectural designer for the Qualcomm’s NFC chip support.

After 15 months of Android System/NDK/JNI development I’m now responsible for the architecture and development of Microsoft Win 8.1 driver.

Cutting edge technology and massive experience with end user devices and HW prototypes  needs incredible dedication and challenging project planning and execution.

Tech:  VS2012/13, Eclipse, Android/Windows platform builder, SW/HW debugging Trace32, MSbuild,GCC. UEFI/ACPI. SWP/UICC. Ubuntu Win8.1 Test mode.


09/2011 – 06/2012. Mobile Software developer for Teleca Gmbh


Working as software developer and technology expert for mobile plaforms Android, WinEmbedded and WP7.

The experience cover most of the mobile software layers , from Android app development , a smart client for online data services JSON with local SQL storage and a outstanding custom chart library to a WP7 complete software support for the InsideSecure NFC chip.

Daily SCRUM meeting, software design and collaboration project mangers to meet customer request.


Visual studio 2008,2010  Microsoft Platform Builder (WCE), Microsoft Phone Builder (WP7) , Custom SDK creator, WP7 Advanced Development Toolkit, Virtual PC 2007, DiskPrep, BSP, OS Virtual Disk images, NFC development board/simultors.


01/2006 – 07/2011 Founder, Project architect and software developer, Giuneco s.r.l.


Founder of a small Microsoft partner company I start that company finding customers providing innovative solutions.

Driven by great commitment and believing in cutting edge MS software platforms, I saw this small company grew from 2 to 6 employers and 3 co-owners.

In these ears we proudly served customers with full Agile development methods,  here below a brief description of few solution:


WPF medical desktop applications for Akern S.r.l. and Insumed Gmbh, heavy customized user experience, custom license client/server  and USB/Device communications data storing. Hardware debugging and development on custom Atmel board.

Medical instruments remote control.


CRM web interface Asp.Net MVC application to extend the SAP Webservice for Granarolo SPA.


Complete software design and development of a flexible ecommerce service, SWL-WCF-Service oriented it support web,smart clients (Silverlight/Flash) and mobile UI. It serves small business Italian companies with a heavy customizable windows form desktop client. Here below some websites:


Gilbarco S.p.a. QT application, customer serial and socket communication with a couple of POS for bank payment system.
Sofware integraion with customer hardware.



Microsoft WPF, WCF, .Net Framework 4, ClickOnce, Microsoft SQL server, Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Dynamic Data, Code Certification, Serial/USB Device communication, Windwos Server 2008, SAP WebService,Asp.Net MVC Silverlight, Windows XP, Linux Embedded, C/C++ , QT


01/2004 – 05/2006. Team Leader and software developer consultant for Anfyteam s.r.l.


As the very first professional experience I worked as project manager/team leader. Daily conference calls with customers and developers from 7 different countries. In the few free hours I also develop most of the core code of Symbian C++ plus heavy support for the J2ME applications, like games connected to its JBOSS betting platform and the Movyda PushToTalk audio and text instant messaging.

Tech: Mobile devices development (over 30 supported) Symbian, J2me devices. Jboss J2ee server, mysql server. SMS push and Tomcat wap website for software distribution. Microsoft Project (Gantt), Visual Studio, CodeWarrior