Moon Apocalypse

Moon Apocalypse is my first Android 3D game.

It’s a free game preview/beta:
Please review and rate the beta feedbacks are needed to complete the official game.

Tested on Nexus 4,Nexus 7,Galaxy S3,Galaxy S2,Motorola Milestone.
For single core < 1Ghz turn off the FX settings.

A game entirely created with free software:
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (The OS)
Eclipse 4.2 (Java/C++ IDE)
libGdx 9.8 (OpenGL/Audio library)
Ghex (hex editor)
Gimp (graphic editor)
InkScape (vectorial graphic editor)
OpenShot (video editor)
RecordMyDesktop (video capture for linux)
AudiaCity (audio editor)
Git/ColaGitGUI (source control management)
Bitbucket (free repository)